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K-9 Caisson  Caisson is a 9 year-old Czechoslovakian Border Patrol Shepherd with strong working-dog blood lines.  He was privately purchased for $3,000 and is leased to the Town of Strafford for $1.00 per year.

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Caisson, Strafford's first K-9 Unit, became a member of the Strafford Police Force in January of 2005 with the approval of the Strafford Town Selectmen.  The K-9 program is funded entirely through the generous donations provided by citizens of Strafford, local business owners, community fundraisers, and contibutions from patrons of Strafford businesses.  These donations have provided the necessary funding for training course registrations, equipment, and certifications since the program's inception in 2005.

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Caisson has trained extensively with the Working Dog Foundation and received his certification in tracking and drug recognition in March of 2006.  He is recertified every year. Caisson's primary training in tracking has been utilized extensively in Strafford, and remains a valuable resource for our large and mostly rural town. Caisson's tracking skill provides officers the capacity to locate lost adults and missing children.  He has the ability to locate missing persons on the mountains and deeply wooded areas of Strafford by sound and scent, with a skill and accuracy that far surpasses that of a human being.  Caission has been used in mutual aid situations to assist our neighboring towns when time is critical and Strafford's K-9 is ready and available.  

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